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When Janice Lyn enlightened her youthful aspirations with the etching words of Mother Teresa, she took it straight to heart – “Love until it hurts”. Janice Lyn is a Professional Canadian Muaythai athlete. She’s a fearless, inspiring, and remarkable woman on a mission to lead a path of empowerment and illumination for her community whom she loves and honors until it hurts.

Her journey started as a rebellious child of two Chinese-Jamaican immigrant parents who fled a crime infused Kingston in the early 1980’s with a dream to build a bright future for their children. As a young child, Janice admired the hard work and relentless ambitions of her parents who owned multiple businesses throughout their careers. Growing up watching her father work day-in and day-out taught Janice a silent humility and humbleness. Witnessing her Mom’s strength of mind, confidence and never accepting demeanor taught Janice to never expect nothing but the best from her-self. Something she lives daily.

Her journey as an athlete started in grade school. She was always quite competitive and could always push beyond the limits and expectations of her coaches. Janice played many sports including basketball, volleyball, badminton and loved the 100m sprint in track and field throughout her high school years. Her love of environment and the human body led her to study biology at McMaster University and later to study her mastorioal degree in environmental ecology.

During her years in university, Janice’s growing heart led her to travel abroad and lend her developing talents to much needed communities in Venezuela, and India. She was a proud leader of the Global Youth Network project that took a group of young dreamers to lead their hearts and hands to orphanages and hospitals in India. During her travels abroad, Janice’s heart and eyes were opened. She quickly realized the need of others and her undying need to give back to those around her. She made herself a promise. A promise that she would live a life of purpose and fulfillment through servicing others and committing her heart to bettering the lives of those around her.

In 2008 while looking for a new sport to master, a good friend edged Janice to try a Muaythai class at an up and coming gym in Toronto called Krudar Muay Thai. Without even knowing, Janice committed herself to a vibrant and beautiful community of like-minded people on a mission to better themselves and those around them.

Muaythai is an ancient fighting art of Thailand, referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. It makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Today, Muaythai is practiced as a competitive sport and has an incredibly fast growing fan base in Canada. Muaythai also carries aspects of spirituality in martial arts. It teaches honor, respect, discipline and faith in yourself, those around you and the powers above you. Because of its “healing” natures, Muaythai is also a magnet to many people in need. The school, Krudar Muay Thai, led by her coach Kru Darwin Miranda, housed many people….Bay Street lawyers, to at risk youth, forgotten outcasts, successful business people and lost souls. The gym was a place where everyone was neutral; you left your darkness outside and emerged a better person after each punch, kick, and iiish. At Krudar, you made friendships that would last a lifetime, you met people who would inspire you, pick you up when you were down and help you along your journey, no matter how significant it was, no dream was out of reach. Each one working on bettering themselves, but in a way that was very much, together. Janice felt at home here. She knew she had a found a place where she could perfect herself and at the same time work to better the lives of those around her.

She relentlessly continued her journey in Muay Thai and after much practice and determination took positions as the only female instructor and personal trainer aiding hundreds to live better and more fulfilled lives. Over her 7 years of love of the sport, Janice has continued to compete, picking up hundreds of fans at each bout and trail blazing for young women who flock in her footsteps.

In 2012, Janice earned her first championship belt and to date, she has 38 fights, 10 TKOs and 7 titles, including the 2014 IFMA World Amateur Bronze Medalist, WPMF World Title and E-1 World Title. Janice’s fan club includes many women and men of all ages, who admire her work and dedication to seeing women break through in a male dominated sport. Each time Janice enters the ring, she enters with the hopes and dreams of those that look to her for guidance, inspiration and proof that the impossible can become possible. When you watch Janice fight, you do not just witness perfected technique and athletic grace, you witness ambition, commitment, and loyalty in all its glory.

Through Muaythai, Janice has perfected a silent confidence that can be seen in her graceful eyes as she politely bows to her opponents before each fight. Her tributes to her brother and parents in and outside the gym and her team and coach at Krudar Muay Thai, do not go unnoticed. Janice has a certain presence in the ring. An ownership. A confidence. A comfort. Her ultimate goal in Muaythai is to fight amongst the best in the world and to emerge victorious. With relentless focus, loyalty, and determination, no dream has ever been too big for Janice.

Over the past two years, Janice has also begun studying holistic nutrition at a top school in Toronto. Bridging her love of environment, her undergrad education, her experiences as a coach, leader and athlete she has future dreams to develop a profession that caters to athlete holistic nutrition and lifestyle. Thus, fulfilling her dedication to give back and commit her work to helping those in much need.

One day Janice hopes to live up to what she had promised her Mom when she was a young child. “When I grow up I want to be the best Mommy in the world”. Her happiest visions include feeding tables full of people, bringing laughter and light to those in need, and much like her mentors…giving love “until it hurts”.