Janice has been practicing Muaythai for close to 10 years. Her journey in the sport has taken her across the globe and back, in and outside of the ring. Throughout her years, Janice’s passion and dedication have fostered an impressive collection of championship titles and belts as she climbs her way to the top.

Janice won her first pro fight in 2014 (with Mike Tyson in the audience), and has continued to bring home some big wins ever since. In 2015, her passion for Muaythai was noticed by The International Federation of Muaythai (IFMA) where she now holds a role as the Athlete’s Commission Executive Board Member.

Busy in the ring and outside, Janice holds a master’s degree in environmental ecology and is currently completing her studies in holistic nutrition. Her friendly demeanor, big heart, and relentless fighting spirit have paved the way for female Canadian Muaythai athletes.

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